The Message

Message from the President of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain
Allah, the Creator, may bless you,

I, being the president of the Executive Committee/Governing Body of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain and the off-spring of Syed Moaj Dariya Bokhari(RA) Awliya Allah delivering this message to all the human beings living on this planet earth of all the religions and especially the lovers of Imam Hussain AS, the son of the Holy Prophet SAWW- who was brutally slaughtered, and martyred in Karbala along with his family and friends in the name of Allah, by the then accursed government of the so called butcher and usurper and accursed-Yazeed mardood– that on 19 May, 2008 Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain was heavily desecrated, rampaged and illegally possessed by the accomplices of the satan-mardood under the garb of a so called ex-parte Ejectment order dated 02.04.2008. The ex-parte decree holder-Syed Hassan Askari Bokhari- through fraud and concealments of facts(without impleading Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain a party) obtained ex-parte Ejectment order dated 02.04.2008 against his real brother-Syed Baqir Ali Bokhari-and through his accursed stoogies in collusion with the so called land mafia, court and police in violation of the civil court stay order dated 10.08.2005: and later on a part containing the accessories of the Imam Bargah and main passage were demolished in violation of the Rent Controller order dated 20.05.2008 and 21.05.2008, which restrained the decree holder to stop the demolition of the prayed property and even ordered the area police SHO to stop the decree holder to demolish the property of worth millions of rupee. Sadly spoken, the hooligans and miscreants would have demolished the whole Imam Bagah if they were not stopped by the Imam of the Time(AS), and thus the writer/signatory of the Waqf nama(deed of endowment) dated 01.02.1971 not only sold his faith for pennies but also stigmatized the whole character of the family for this ugly and ashamed act of dastardness and meanliness by selling the Imam Bargah land through a sale agreement dated 04.06.2007 in the hands of the land grabber in the name of jealousy, poverty, ignorance, etc.
Therefore, it is brought into your good knowledge that the mentioned Imam Bargh Qaras-e-Hussain is located at Bund Road, Darogawala, Lahore, Pakistan on the Earth Planet and was established in 1970 by one of the sons of Syed Moaj Dariya Bokhari(RA)-Syed Khadum Hussain Bokhari, who constructed this Imam Bargah on the Waqf(endowed) land measuring one Kanal two Marlas vide sale deed No.2062 dated 05.03.194 registered in the name of his son, Syed Hassan Askari, with the help of the members of Executive Committee and the Shia community at large. Initially, on the said endowed land Male and Females Halls and main passage to enter in the Imam Bargah were built and the building was allocated a property No.NEXVIII-9-S-52 as shown in the site plan. However, it was realized by the first Matwalli and founder of the Imam Bargah the said endowed 1-Kanal 2-Marlas land is insufficient for the needs of Imam Bargah and purchased another 18-Marlas land vide sale deed No.17489 dated 18.12.1970 on the northern  side of the Imam Bargah. On the 18-Marlas land the accessories of the Imam Bargah like Matwalli Residence, Washrooms, Langar Khans, Ladies Matam Area, etc. were built and it was allocated a property No.NEXVIII-9-S-54 as shown in the site plan. The Imam Bargah ran smoothly with it total land measuring 40-Marlas.
However, the same Imam Bargah was desecrated and demolished by some satanic and devilish minded people on 19 May, 2008 in collaboration with the local police and judiciary: with the cooperation of some unscrupulous staff of local area police and judiciary of  local civil court who were used to declare an Imam Bargah as a house on rent and its Matwalli-the manager/ custodian- (also a contributor to the World Azadari Imam Hussain AS) as a tenant, is an absolutely heart breaking story in its sense. Unbelievably, the Rent Controller, Mr. Abdul Karim; who passed the ex parte order- without giving a chance to the Imam Bargah and the Matwalli as well as the patron-i-chief of the said Imam Bargh to prove the factual side of case, was immediately transferred after having passed two Court Orders under 12(2) application of CPC 151: one dated 20.05.2008 for stopping demolition of the property No.NEXVIII-9-S-54 built upon 18 Marlas vide sale deed No.17489  endowed through an Iqra Nama(Joint Declaration) dated 16.12.2003which was also endowed by the founder-Syed Khadum Hussain Bokhari- and main passage of the Imam Bargah: and second order dated 21.05.2008 directing to the so called rascal SHO named Saeed to stop the illegal demolition in the presence of the so called court stay order dated 20.05.2008. But all the efforts could not saved the demolition of the big portion of the Imam Bargah because of disrespect and careless attitude of the law and order agencies that remained insincere and idle in protecting the life and property even in the presence of the judicial orders, so that needs a total change of system that could protect all and sundry irrespective of ones colour, creed, etc. and this could only be achieved through the Imam Of the Time (AS).
Moreover, the same satanic minded SHO who also kidnapped the president of the Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain, younger son of the Matwalli, during this devilish operation without prior knowledge and arrest warrants under the name of so called law and order maintenance to appease his god fathers, land mafia, satan, etc. was also immediately replaced after the completion of the task-demolition of the Imam Bargah. It is also quite interesting that the decree holder-Syed Hassan Askari Bokhari– alongwith his four sons and an army of Gundas(hooligans) under their Commander-in-Chief- Billo Badmash(the wicked)- consisting an army of around thirty to sixty gun- totters having a full blessing of the local area  police Station Head Officer Saeed, started that ugly operation of demolishing the said Imam Bargh Qasar-e-Hussain even in the presence of a Civil Suit dated 14/02/2004 titled Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain Vs Fakhar Abbas, etc. injunctive order dated 10.08.2005 restraining the defendants including Syed Hassan Askari not to alienate any portion of the suit property. The whole demolition was headed by the chief of the hooligans, M. Aslam alias Billo Badmash under the name of the ex-parte decree holder-Hassan Askari . The hooligans including Mian Rashid, etc. after having the possession from the bailiff and the police were technically holding the control of the whole Imam Bargah building consisting of forty (40) Marlas with one boundary wall and one main iron gate. They got control of the main gate of the Imam Bargh-the holy place for the service. Then the hooligans and wicked accomplices played havoc with the lives of the Matwalli(the custodian) and his family members having no respect for any fundamental  human rights by cutting and damaging all sort of outside communication links of the Matwalli with his fellow human beings-Executive Committee/Governing Body member and area community. They started to shout and make fearful to the Matwali and his family including the children of the president of the Imam Bargah by cutting all electricity, water, gas and land line telephone connections of the Imam Bargah thus threatening the Matwalli and his family through various tactics of gun totting to gun pointing, etc. to leave the Imam Bargah by wine drinking, etc. and including the harassment of the immediate neighbors, for this was the test of the Matwalli’s education of Islam to remain patient and peaceful or react in other manner that would have spilled lot of blood and that would also make the satan happy that the Syed Brothers are fighting with each other and the followers of the satan are happy in accordance with their plan made by the satan mardood that is why the Matwalli being the manager of the Imam Bargah had to be very passionate and calm while keeping his eyes on the event.
Furthermore, during the operation of illegal possession of the Imam Bargah property, the small army of Allah took refuge in the Imam Bargah Halls and avowed that they would die but not leave the area. Meanwhile, the Matwalli remained very cool and calm since he had lost his only young son available to him and had no outside linkages, and also observed why they-the hooligans- are doing so and on whom order and even he could not contact with his legal counsel-Mr. Iqbal- for the satans had all the plans to tackle the situation in the light of their mission of sabotaging the Azadari in the area. However, the wicked Billo, under the guidance of his godfathers, alongwith his hired miscreants started to demolish the Imam Bargah building from the north-side containing the accessories of the Imam Bargah in the presence of all the Civil and Rent Court/Tribunal orders dated 10.08.2005 and 20.05.2008. However, on 21st May, 2008 the demolition was again started by the accused in the violation of the court order dated 20.05.2008 and 21.05.2008 of the Rent Controller by bringing cranes under the direct command of the area SHO who denied to accept the order of the court, and said that it was not his jurisdiction to stop that demolition instead of all contacts to the local police. Somehow, the demolition was stopped by one way or other tearing apart all the legal and ethical norms of an Islamic society. The hooligans did whatever they liked and wanted under the direct assistance and comradeship of the local area police station SHO Saeed-a highly irresponsible person having no respect for law and humanity- placed on 19th May, 2008 to assist and accomplish the nefarious designs of the devil or the satan mardood. Thereafter, the transfer of the same SHO was also the part of the plan which shows how powerful are the hidden forces who have accomplished their tasks very cleverly and tactfully.
Ironically, the land mafia, etc., the satans under various names, who had  already signed an agreement of sale dated 04.06.2007 of the Imam Bargah 22- Marlas land sale deed No.2062 Hassan Askari and his elder son namely Fakhar Abbas. It  is simple to understand that one Syed himself tarnished the image of Saddat at large and progeny of Syed Muhammad Shah Moaj Darya in particular by signing the so called agreement in greed and for meager worldly benefits without realizing its larger effects on the whole teaching of Islam that we have through our ancestors, but that does not mean satan is left unheeded and can easily go for its dirty desires meaning thereby the wantons are to be checked through other believers as the teaching of Imam Hussain (AS) tells us. However, the court orders and the revenue record showing entry of local Parwari(revenue clerk) register could not stop the satans to alienate the Imam Bargah land in the name of one Mian Rashid-another agent of satan mardood-in violation of all rules and regulations showing that no law exist in this world. In those circumstances the fate of the said Imam Bargah was or is in the hands of Allah through His Prophet SAWW and his Ahlaibait AS-the owner of the planet earth.
Somehow, you can simply imagine how a small army of believers of Imam Hussain(AS) without using a single conventional weapon to a small needle to prick could have saved the desecration and demolition of Imam Bargah but only through determination and dedication towards the teaching of Islam, for the satans have involved the state apparatus in this whole situation that if the believers would have violated the laws of land the consequences of that could have been very dangerous for spoiling the peace of the area. The commitment to the cause and its affirmation that there would be no bloodshed and the satan shall not be given an open passage to cross the limits and thus making them and restricting them to the Male and Female doors of the Imam Bargah Halls that was saved through consummations and supplications in the Court of Lord, Almighty Allah, and which can only be possible if someone is overpowered and trapped by some satan then one is helped through the Imam of the Time( AS). Also till to date the legal battle in the courts is another example of peace and love and humanity preached by the philosophy of Imam Hussain(AS).
However, the Matwalli saved the lives of his family members intelligently who suffered a lot since they also have their own stories to tell. Perhaps, they-the army of Allah- believe that God or Allah is more powerful than the devil or the satan mardood. This shows that if we have confirm belief in God then there is no need of any weapon including nuclear ones because all these lethal weapons are only the well-wishers of the satan or devil or rakshas etc. but not the human beings. Since, the nuclear weapons and other armaments including ballistic missiles are only damaging the humanity in particular and the echo system of the planet earth as a whole.
Now, the Matwalli-turned-tenant is running from one court to another court to prove his innocence on one hand and saving the stolen land of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain under the so called laws and justice system of Pakistan which is also a big hurdle in achieving the goal of restoring the whole Imam Bargah i.e. 40-Marlas, but the belief is so high to face all the impediments and in this way the Executive Committee/Governing Body of the Imam Bargah is working diligently under the president to restore the lost grandiosity of the Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain which was not only demolished but also its pray halls doors were closed by erecting illegal wall in front of them in violation of the said court orders and Article 20 of the 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which guarantees the religious freedom to everybody of Pakistan. Thus, Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain needs all the possible means of men, material, machines, etc. for its revival and also for its expansion plan we are working and praying to our Imam of the Time(AS) to help us through his power to show that satan cannot stop the believers to say Haq and Truthfulness for falsehood is temporary and transitory and shall be doomed ultimately-Inshah Allah.
Moreover, all the believers are informed through this message that we are determined to defeat the satan forces and ready to teach them an exemplary punishment so next time no satan ever dare repeat this kind of heinous act of 19 May, 2008 in the name of law and police and satan, etc. As this Imam Bargah has been providing social, educational and health facilities to the people of the area alongwith the Islamic teachings under its limited resources as envisaged by the founder of the Imam Bargah, and also it avows to further its plans to deliver the same on the larger scale so that the teaching of the Imam Hussain(AS) better be forwarded to the public at large so that face of peaceful Islam be brought in front through the true Islamic values that are being tarnished by the satans of the time under the various brands of inhumanity, etc. Therefore, we need your generous support in this way so that we can accomplish our goals of peace, love and humanity in the presence of our Imam of the Time(AS).
Representative of Allah
Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain,
Bund Road, Farooqabad, Darogawala,Lahore.