In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Mercifu
Imam Bargah Qasar-e-Hussian was constructed by late Syed Khadim Hussain Bokhari, the direct descendant of Syed Muhammad Shah Moaj Darya Bokhari RA-Awlia Allah- in 1970 with the funds of the shia community at large. It is situated at Bund Road, Farooqabad, Daroghawala, Lahore, Pakistan. Since then the said Imam Bargah has been enshrining the hearts of the believers through the Zikar and Azadari of Imam Hussain(AS)-the unparalleled message of Karbala-which is promoting peace and love and harmony among the various segments of society through the true teaching of Islam thus engaging in the social well being of the people of the area and the humanity at large through the true message of Karbala: never and ever bend before falsehood(batil) and fight for Haq(Truth). A tragic event occurred in the life of the believers to start this website to inform the world at large with the facts that took place. Therefore, we believe that every human being living on this planet must understand that all time is not satan time rather it an examination or trial that is the Will of God to judge His love ones.

Historical Background of the Event
That the son of Syed Khadum Hussai Bokhari namely Syed Hassan Askari purchased a piece of land measuring 22-Marlas in the outskirts of Lahore in 1964 for a consideration of just Rs 3870/-. He endowed the same for the construction of an Imam Bargah and handed over the same to his father and the Imam Bargah under the name of Qasare Hussain was constructed on the Waqf(endowed) land measuring one Kanal two Marlas vide sale deed No.2062 dated 05.03.194 registered in the name of his son, Syed Hassan Askari, with the help of the members of Executive Committee and the Shia community at large. Initially, on the said endowed land Male and Females Halls and main passage to enter in the Imam Bargah were built and the building was allocated a property No.NEXVIII-9-S-52 as shown in the site plan. However, it was realized by the first Matwalli and founder of the Imam Bargah the said endowed 1-Kanal 2-Marlas land is insufficient for the needs of Imam Bargah and purchased another 18-Marlas land vide sale deed No.17489 dated 18.12.1970 on the northern  side of the Imam Bargah. On the 18-Marlas land the accessories of the Imam Bargah like Matwalli Residence, Washrooms, Langar Khans, Ladies Matam Area, etc. were built and it was allocated a property No.NEXVIII-9-S-54 as shown in the site plan. The Imam Bargah ran smoothly with it total land measuring 40-Marlas.
On 01.02.1971 a Waqfnama(Endowment Deed) was also executed by Hassan Askari to that effect. After the death of Syed Khadum Hussain Bokhari in 1980, the younger son of the first Matwalli namely Syed Baqir Ali Bokhari was appointed Matwalli of the Imam Bargah by Hassan Asakri, members of the Executive Committee/Governing Body and area community of the Imam Bargah in the year 1980. Since then the District Administrative Authorities have been issuing Azadari Permissions in the name of the nominated Matwalli.
On 24.02.2001 on the application of the Imam Bargah Matwalli the mutation of 1K-2M endowed sale deed No.2062 (5.03.1964) was executed and the Land Revenue Map dated 10.04.2001 supported the demarcated by area ADFE  which included IBQH(Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain) Male&Female Halls(ABCD) and Main passage (BCEF) that is property No. NEXVIII-9-S-52: thus, both land Revenue and tax survey supported the version of IBQH Executive Committee/Governing Body.  Also, in 2003 a Wasiyat Nama and Iqrar Nama dated 16.12.2003 regarding the sale deed No.2062 of land measuring 22-Marlas of property No.NEXVIII 9-S-52 and the sale deed No.17489 of land measuring 18-Marlas of property No.NEXVIII 9-S-54 in the name of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain were duly signed and thumb marked by Syed Hassan Askari and the descendants of the late Syed khadum Hussain Bokhari including Syed Hassan Askari respectively, thereby becoming the total area of the Imam Bargah 40-Marlas i.e. 9000 sq.ft. Thus, both the properties NEXVIII-9-S-52&54 of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain of sale deed#2062 and 17489 are endowed ones i.e. no one is owner except Allah. The said Imam Bargah remained functional under its management since its establishment and no registration was necessarily sought for considering it to be the epitome of love, peace and humanity in the name of Allah and especially under the magnificent and remarkable teaching of Islam through the beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and the people of his house hold, the AhlaiBayt(AS), salutations and peace be upon them.
That in the year 2004, Hassan Askari,s sons out of ulterior motives, greed and avarice threatened to occupy the Imam Bargah and alienate the same. The Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain through its Matwalli, Syed Baqir Ali, with consultation with the Executive Committee filed a suit for declaration with permanent injunction on 14.02.2004 regarding the property measuring 22 Marlas of endowed sale deed No.2062 with Mutation No.13675  by Hassan Askari through Waqf nama dated 01.02.1971 and the Civil Court passed an injunctive order on 10.08.2005 restraining the respondents including Syed Hassan Askari not to alienate any portion of the suit property.
On 19.05.2008 fateful afternoon around 3 p.m. after desecrating, ransacking and looting valuable the so called ex-parte Ejectment order/decree holder-Hassan Askari alongwith his sons, land mafia Mian Rashid, Aslam, etc. in collusion with court bailiff and local police virtually occupied the whole building of Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain as there was no possibility of demarcation of the Imam Bargah properties i.e. NEXVIIII-9-S-52&54 owing to its specific construction which had one boundary wall and on main entrance toward the main Bund Road(see site Plan). It was disclosed during the possession warrants of the Rent Controller Lahore that Hassan Askari filed an Ejectment Petition on 07.09.2007-in the light of an agreement of sale with Land mafia dated 04.06.2007- against Syed Baqir Ali in personal capacity without impleading Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain as party in the case. He fraudulently obtained ex-parte ejectment order dated 02.04.2008 by attaching endowed sale deed No.2062 of the Imam Bargah, already subjudice in Civil Court since 2004, and displaying map of endowed property No. NEXVIIII-9-S-54 of sale deed No.17489 in concealment of facts and figures.
On 20.05.2008, Syed Baqir Ali being a legal heir and donor of property No. NEXVIIII-9-S-54 of sale deed No.17489  filed an application under 12(2) CPC in the Rent Tribunal for suspension of ex-parte Ejectment order dated 02.04.2008 and the Rent Controller stopped the demolition of the property but the satans had their own nefarious designs to settle that is why another order dated 21.05.2008 was procured but to no vail and the said property No. NEXVIIII-9-S-54 of sale deed No.17489, demarcated through area ADEF and main passage BCEF in the site plan were demolished, and illegal walls were constructed in front of the Main Passage and Male and Female Halls doors closing the Imam Bargah since 2008. However, and FIR No.687/09 is registered against the culprits and the accused are declared proclaimed offenders since 2012.
After lot of civil and criminal litigation, details can be seen on the civil and criminal pages of the site, the Imam Bargah Executive Committee/Governing Body became party in the civil suit dated 14.02.2004 on 22.07.2015 and Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain got suspended ex-parte order dated 02.04.2008 from the Lahore High Court, Lahore in its Writ Petition No.13769/16 under Article 199 real with Article 20(b) of the constitution of Pakistan. In the meanwhile, the unfortunate Hassan Askari died in the start of 2015 and left this world empty handed leaving behind four sons, two daughters and one widow who are in league with the land mafia fighting cases with Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain-spoiling their hereafter as well as and have become partner of the satan-mardood.
Through this website the world is informed about the desecration of the one of the worshipping place-Imam Bargah Qasare Hussain- by the satan mardood in such a way that the human history has no such example before us, the details of the tragic event can be seen on the other links of the website. Therefore, it is imperative that everybody living on this planet earth must be informed that this planet is not for the satan mardood and that to be destroyed by it rather to be rescued by the representatives and vicegerents of Allah for peace, love and truthfulness, which is the message of Islam for the whole humanity in the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. The satan mardood promised that he would make its level best to make the human being/vicegerent succumbs to various waywardness and absurdities against the virtues, values, etc. for the sake of its nefarious ambitions particularly in the violation of Allah passage, but Allah promise do stand there that He is with the people of Haq and Succh meaning that He is with the of truthfulness and He is Truth for satan or bad deeds, etc. can only be checked through the Imam of the Time(AS) and this is the education of Islam, which is a greatest blessing of Allah upon the inhabitants of the planet earth.