Civil Courts Proceedings

Imam Baragh Qasare Hussain Civil Suits Proceeding
Imam Baragh Qasare Hussain filed civil suit in 2004 in Lahore, which is still pending in the court of learned civil judge, Ms. Poonam Adnan. The Imam Bargah Executive Committee/Governing Body became party in the said suit on 22.07.2015 and that order got finality as nobody challenged the wires of the order thus accepting all the contentions of the Executive Committee. The EC of IBQH has also filed an application under Order 6 Rule 17 of CPC on 06.06.2016 that is yet pending and the case is fixed for20.12.2016.   
IBQH through its Executive Committee/Governing Body filed an application under section 12(2) CPC on 10.09.2015 in the court of Rent Controller Lahore, that was dismissed on 10.03.2016 and the ADJ dismissed the IBQH appeal on 15.04.2016. The LHC not only suspended the ADJ order dated 15.04.2016 but also suspended the notorious ex-parte order dated 02.04.2008 in the IBQH writ petition No.13769/16 on 27.04.2016 praying that it was not the jurisdiction of the Rent Controller to Eject a religious place like IBQH and it is a violation of Article 20 of the Constitution of Pakistan.